Maintain Distance. Take Orders.

Simple mobile ordering for your business

Cloud Based

No complicated set up. Add your menus, set up your tables and go!

Mobile First

Customers simply send a text, and choose from the menu link we send back to them.

Take Payment Online

Take online payment for orders via Stripe: minimise cash and card handling, or take payment in person.


OrderDistant Delivery

Tables Included2
Menu Items Included150
Online Order Surcharge0.0075% ( + Stripe Fees)
Price£15.00 / month

OrderDistant Essential

Tables Included40
Menu Items Included150
Online Order Surcharge0.0075% ( + Stripe Fees)
Price£30.00 / month

OrderDistant Plus

Tables Included80
Menu Items Included300
Online Order Surcharge0.0025% ( + Stripe Fees)
Price£40.00 / month

Step 1

Customers send a table shortcode to a number displayed on their tables. OrderDistant immediately texts back with an individualised order link.

Step 2

Customers choose what they want to order. They can pay online using credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay (or choose to handle payments in person).

Step 3

Orders are instantly transmitted to one or more order displays (filterable by menu category and order status). Track the progress of orders on this screen (and even send a text to the customer when the order needs collecting)

Frequently Asked Questions

No hardware is required other than a device such as a laptop or tablet as an order display (which runs inside a web browser). Multiple order displays can be used filtered for different menu categories (for example, you could have one order display located in your kitchen showing food categories and another located in your bar, showing drink sales).

OrderDistant is agnostic of any existing ePos or till system.

Apple Pay, Google Pay and card payments are facilitated by the industry-leader, Stripe. OrderDistant will guide you through opening a free account with Stripe, who will in turn pay all card payment receipts to your business bank account on an agreed schedule (daily, weekly or monthly). From your Stripe dashboard you can also manage refunds, chargebacks and other administrative functions. OrderDistant collects a small commission (depending on the subscription tier you select) but the contractual relationship for payment services is between your business and Stripe Inc.

Businesses serving alcohol should contact Stripe directly for approval (they may require more information from you to ensure that the robust legal requirements for alchol transactions are being met.)

You are free to disable online payment functionality and require "payment in person" through your usual payment channels, or let the customer decide which option to use.

No, customers do not need to download a specific app. They simply send a text to a non-premium number, and then click on a link that we send back (which opens in a normal browser). This link is personalised to them and captures both the table they are sitting at, and their mobile phone number (this reduces abuse such as false orders made to random tables, etc)

Yes, we have the option to send a customisable 'Order Ready to Collect' SMS text message to your customer in order to avoid sharing collection pagers between customers.

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